• Dream Chart

    Dream Chart

    This is a site that's freshly under development and hasn't been fully put in its place yet. Until then feel free to click on the "Read more" to go to my older blog. It still has a lot of the same stuff but will soon be fazed out. Read more
  • 2013 REEL

    2013 REEL

    This Reel contains most of what I could find of the work I've done over the past few years. Not all the cool stuff but a decent representative. Hope you like it. Read more
  • creature wip

    creature wip

    An ongoing project where I will attempt to go through most of the creative process of post production. Sculpt, texture, shade, rig, animate, fx, render and comp. This is how I plan to update and learn new skills and hopefully have something fun to show for it in the end. Read more
  • direct tv - troll

    direct tv - troll

    A fun commercial I worked on at Method Studios. Read more
  • iron man - tower

    iron man - tower

    The main work I did on Iron Man 3. The collapsing water tower. Development of a modular rig, animation and cloth sim applied to the tank were part of my tasks in this shot. Read more